Jas Prince really out here right now, he realizes that he has even more talents than just the music business but now he’s venturing into a new product line, a clothing business. James Prince, CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records, business mogul and philanthropist is proud to launch the exclusive celebrity brand RESPECT.

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It literally seems as if Jas Prince and his family are forever winning this, from cosigning Drake with all his success this year to even winning a lawsuit over Drake royalties, but not any chump change – we’re talking $11 Million. Now Jas Prince knows this is his time to capitalize and get even more W’s this year, so now RESPECT has come to life – selling clothing, merchandise and even signature wines! Prince is hitting all parameters. According to Prince himself the venture wasn’t a walk around the park but he has high hopes for it now that’s into fruition, elaborating:

It’s taken me years of hard work and dedication to earn the respect that I have in the industry. I believe that it starts with respecting yourself and showing respect to others. However, the key is it must be reciprocal. I will give you my respect, but I expect that respect back.

RESPECT/RESPECT ME is a movement. A movement I believe is needed more than ever right now. I believe we’re losing respect for one another; for one another’s rights, beliefs, thoughts, expressions and freedoms. It’s a simple concept that can make a world of difference. Showing mutual respect.

I hope you wear RESPECT and RESPECT ME with the perspective in which it was created.

Clearly Drizzy is a fan of the venture and all it’s glory as he had no hesitation supporting the movement and of course the man behind the movement itself. A link to site is below, would you guys rock the fit?

Respect for sale? ? #RespectMe ?

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Source: RESPECT By Jas Prince