You heard right, Eazy E came back just for Halloween to bless us with some NWA sounds for the night. Okay okay, it wasn’t him, but Nelly actually, no lie though, he did his thing paying homage last night; you can hold this L gracefully if you missed it.

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Now we all know Nelly isn’t shy when it comes to stating his influence to the culture of hip-hop, but just like all the greats, he knows how to not only respect those that came before him but pay substantial homage to them as well. This halloween Nelly wasn’t playing around, dressing up as Eazy E this year, and made sure he had it all down to the tee. Nelly got the hat, the shades, the baseball gloves, and oh did I mention, of course the wig too! But he wasn’t done there, he knew he had to deliver and go all out last night so when he was scheduled to perform at E11even Miami Night Club he performed as Eazy E too, spittin the lyrics to the NWA hit record “Straight Outta Compton”, you’ve got to the snippet see of his performance below:

?? AF ‼️#Repost @missjackson ・・・ Straight Out Of Compton #halloween2015 #easyz @derrtymo

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