While some kids were dressed up as super heroes and their favorite characters from famous disney cartoons for Halloween, others were dressed as popular celebs catching the eye of top blogs and even the celebrities themselves.

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This year there were a few show stoppers who broke the internet when they dressed up as popular names in history, art, entertainment and politics–YES POLITICS– for Halloween. Check out your newest and cutest Obamas, Frida Kahlo, Solange, Drake and more! Some were even lucky enough to get reposted by their favorite celebs . . . and about a thousand other sources making them instant online sensations.

See how the POTUS and FLOTUS fawned over this rose cheeked darling dressed up as Pope Francis at the White House’s annual Halloween party! He won 1st place too!

Ebro’s baby girl Izzie looked adores dressed as Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo while Solange’s son Julez took us back to the early days of rap dressed LL Cool J.

One of the most touching by far has to be the story of Viola Davis’ daughter dressing up as her after she won her Emmy. In a brief post she describes how none of her daughter’s Halloween costumes worked out, but when her daughter wanted to dress up as her it was easy. With a little red lipstick and a gold trophy to go with her fro and white dress the tot was her momma in no time!

So…..the Elsa costume? Didn’t work for her. The Pirate? A no go. So she finally said,” I just want to be YOU mommy”! So… uhh…..this is ME.

Awww, how sweet is that?!

Check out pics of the tots and the celebs whose attention they caught in the gallery!

Source: Instagram