Zero f**ks given. Following a legal battle with Signature Jets in September, Lil Wayne was ordered to dish out over $2 million in unpaid bills. However, the Young Money rapper has refused to pay, which is the reasoning for deputies latest appearance at his Miami Beach mansion.

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Due to Wayne’s lack of payment to the jet company, deputies were ordered to show up to his Miami home and take any and all assets that added up to the total owed. Since Wayne was not home – currently in Los Angeles – to handle the officers, security took his place and told them that they could not come in. That didn’t stop the officers or their court orders, which says if they don’t gain access to the home by invite, they are to break down the doors.

According to TMZ, the rebellious rapper has $30 million worth of assets and some of those assets were seized, including plaques obtained throughout his run as a musician.

Tsk Tsk.

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This is a prime example as to why I don’t play with the court system. When people want their money, they’re willing to do anything to get it.