_ Busta Rhymes
Back in August, Busta Rhymes had a incident where he was accused of throwing a protein shake container at a worker inside of a gym in Chelsea. Apparently, it was just an argument that got out of hand and resulted in good ol’Lean Body Strawberry protein shakes being wasted.

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The incident took place at Steel Gym on 23rd street in Manhattan.

The employee was hit in the head, but he only had minor injuries. Rhymes has plead guilty to second degree harassment. He was also ordered to do an anger management session which the session was completed.

Scott Leemon, who is Busta’s lawyer released a statement saying,

“We are glad the DA’s office did their own investigation and agreed that criminal charges were not warranted.”

The judge decided that Busta’s anger management and the lowsy one night he spent in jail was enough to make a example out of him. If Busta was smart, he would pick a new gym and stay away from those protein shake boxes. We haven’t really seen much of Busta in the headlines lately. Lets hope and pray that next time we do, we’ll be reading up on something positive. That would be nice.

Source: abc7ny