Jerry Jones and the Cowboys organization are coming under some serious fire today after pictures were made available by the website Deadspin, showing the extent of the brutal beating Greg Hardy gave to his now ex girlfriend. As you might expect, Jones is denying that the team had any access to these photos before signing him.


According to Mark Maske of the Washington Post, a source said the photos “were not accessible to the team” before the Cowboys signed Hardy. The league said this afternoon they saw the photos, prior to commissioner Roger Goodell suspending Hardy for 10 games (which was shortened to four games by Goodell’s hand-picked hearing officer).

If the Cowboys didn’t see them, that could allow them justification to stop employing Hardy. The Ravens cut Ray Rice within about eight hours of the video of him punching his wife emerging. But the Cowboys don’t seem inclined to part ways with the pass-rusher, so their strategy could just be to wait for the storm to pass and people to stop being outraged.

Whether they saw the photos or not doesn’t mean much. They at the very least knew they existed and they knew the league had seen them and knew they were bad. They knew what had occurred and how Hardy was able to get away with it but still Jerry Jones put the money up to get him signed.

Enjoy another season that won’t end with a Super Bowl win Jerry.