In the words of Future, “You do what you want when you popping,” right? Kanye has it made, marrying one of the baddest/ most famous woman in the world, successful clothing line, and can pay $500 on haircuts! OKAY KANYE!

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So now we know, if Kanye has nothing else, he will ALWAYS have perfect hair. Kanye spends over $120,000 a year on haircuts alone. This information came from a eyewitness who seen it first hand. Rihanna’s father said in 2010 after going on tour with West and his daughter he saw Kanye get a haircut everyday.

Ronald Fenty said,

“It’s crazy – he pays his barber $500 (£327) a time. I don’t understand how that much hair gets taken off. Kanye just loves the fresh look,”

According to Complex, if what Mr.Fenty is saying is true, Kanye has spent more than what the average family makes on haircuts. Kind of extreme if you ask me.

The barber with the golden set of clippers is Ibn Jasper. Jasper has been Kanye’s barber for 20 years. He left his business in Chicago to work with Mr.West full time. It must be nice knowing you’re on the winning team when you’re with Mr.West.

Source: heat world