We all remember the horrible shooting at Columbine where Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris killed 12 people and injured 23. They then committed suicide. The killing took place at Columbine High School. Now, two teenagers were arrested and may be expelled from school after they thought it would be funny to dress up as the Columbine shooters.

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The boys reportedly showed up to a Halloween party wearing trench coats and sun glasses. The boys who were both juveniles,will face charges for, “making criminal threats, inciting injury to persons or property, and breach of peace.” Donald Monaghan, the boys lawyer says,

“Both boys are so remorseful for their stupidity.”

The Litchfield Superintendent says that,

“there was no credible threat” and other students “were never in physical danger.”

However, the superintendent did say that the boys made a sarcastic remark when someone told them they resembled the Columbine shooters.

An event so tragic as this one is nothing to play around with. Especially when everyday we see new cases of students going around dressed up in crazy gear and actually committing heinous crimes. We have to teach our children that these are serious matters that should be take seriously and not played around with. Especially, when innocent lives were lost during this tragic incident. Everyone around the neighborhood agrees that the boys made a poor choice and should suffer consequences.

Source: Complex