The Fresh prince and Jazzy jeff FINALLY break the news on embarking on a tour together after all their success…see the video after the jump.

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It’s been a long time coming for rapper turned tv sitcom star turned movie star turned entrepreneur, Will Smith and Dj Jazzy Jeff. Both got their start in 1986 in the early days of hip-hop, with their first record called ‘Girl’s Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble’, which led to an apparent imminent amount of success for the duo.

With Will Smith getting the leading role for the hit tv show ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ right after their initial industry breakthrough, the two never got the chance to go on a full out tour, but now they are redeeming themselves and in search of completing another dream on the checklist.

Twenty-nine years later after their first hit record, Will and Jeff tell Ellen Degeneres they will be headlining their own tour very soon. Better late than never! Will explains in his own words why it has taken him until he is 47 years old to complete this journey:

“We never actually had a chance to go out and do a full tour. So, we released our first record in 1986 … Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble was our first record, but by 1990 I was already on The Fresh Prince. So, in that time, we just we were getting started and I never actually had a chance to go on tour, so I really want to get out there and do it for real.”

Checkout the interview below!

Are you going to go on the tour? Let us know if you think it’s too late in the game for the duo or if this is could another milestone for the tandem below.