Well, another day, another case of racism rearing it’s ugly head. Students at Berkley High School in California staged a major walkout after racist messages were found written all over the library computers. At first, students didn’t know how are who was responsible for it but apparently the pressure from anger and animosity from the students was felt throughout the school as a student decided he was to come and confess to the crime, read more to hear more about this racist foolery of the day, smh.

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This is sure as hell not the first case of racism we’re hearing of this year, in fact this almost the second huge one mentioned this month, like this has got to stop as there’s only so much more a culture can take. A 15-year-old Berkeley High student confessed to posting racist slurs a day earlier on a school library computer, the school principal said. More than 1,500 Berkeley High students walked out of classes and marched through city streets, protesting reports of those slurs. Principal Sam Pasarow announced that the student had confessed “I think the student is really aware of what this caused on our campus today and how much fear it caused and how much chaos it caused on our campus,” he said. Students walked out at 9 a.m., and demonstrated on campus and at UC Berkeley, expressing anger and outrage at the racial epithet and violent threats against African-Americans that were found at the high school.

Now you gotta here this, the student literally went far to promote his racism. He got onto the school website and then put his “message” for all to see. The racist message, which was apparently made to look like an official school web page, made references to the Ku Klux Klan and lynchings, used a slur to describe African-Americans, and included the phrase, “public lynching December 9th 2015.” Yeah… don’t worry, you read that right. Senior student Kaylynn McCoy said she and her classmates were especially upset that the incident occurred on their campus. “Our school is where were supposed to feel safe,” said McCoy, 17. “On the streets, blacks already don’t feel safe because of police brutality so … it feels like they attacked the whole community.” Principle Pasarow called the post “a hate crime and messages such as this one will not stand in our community.” More than half of the school’s 3,000 students joined the demonstrations and after the walkout, Pasarow and Berkeley Unified Superintendent Donald Evans joined students at a morning rally on campus. Earlier in the day, the school’s Black Student Union leaders condemned the computer message, calling on police and school officials to immediately investigate the incident as “an act of terror.” This is an act of blatant terrorism toward the black students and staff members at Berkeley High,” the statement said. “The BSU is disappointed that this happened, but we are not surprised.” Either way I commend all the students, faculty, and officers who took part in this walk out and stood up for the injustice that took place for this situation. At the end of the day, the people must keep fighting for racial equality as each day there’s threats against the cause every waking moment trying to tear the community down.

Source: Inside Bay Area News