600 Breezy is not happy with Spike Lees new “Chi-Raq” movie trailer. Infact, he is quite furious. He took to Twitter and threatened both Spike Lee and “Chi-Raq” film star Nick Cannon. Hit the jump to see the threats.

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600 Breezy took to social media to warn Spike Lee that if he ever sees Spike Lee in person that he is going to “whoop they ass”.

Breezy is asking Spike Lee to make a new movie about Chicago aka “Chiraq”, one that will focus more on the violence and senselessness that takes place in Chicago everyday.

600 Breezy was recently co signed by Drake but that doesn’t seem to dim his fearlessness to voice his opinion. We’ll keep you posted as the story unfolds.

Watch the video below to see exactly what 600 Breezy had to say about ‘Chiraq’.