Actor Gunnar Hansen who famously played ‘Leatherface’ in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has passed away at 68 years old from pancreatic cancer. Full story after the jump.

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Hansen, who played the historic villain in the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ cult film, was found dead this past Saturday in his home in Northeast Harbor, Maine, said his agent Mike Eisenstadt who confirmed his client’s death. Gunnar was 68 and died from complications due to his pancreatic cancer.

Gunnar has lived in his Maine home for 40 years now and it was where he would work on acting as well as writing. At the time of his death, Gunnar was at work on an original movie planned to be called “Death House”, scheduled to come out sometime next year. The film is listed on the Internet Movie Database and is described to be about a secret government facility that becomes ground zero for the most horrific prison break in the history of mankind.

Gunnar was as active in his writing as well as his acting, with his 2013 published book “Chain Saw Confidential”, a book written detailing what went on behind the scenes of one of the most horrifying movies of all time.

Gunnar was born in Reykjavik, Iceland and came to the U.S. to study at the University of Texas, majoring in English and Scandinavian Studies.

Gunnar Hansen is survived by his wife of 13 years, Betty Tower.