If you can’t get enough of hearing her gossip and her infamous “how you doin” then you’ll have a lot longer before it’s gone. Lionsgate has officially extended Wendy Williams’ contract by seven years, to the year 2022. However, the contract for her talk show, the Wendy Williams Show, has not yet been renewed. Could this be the end?

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Lionsgate has extended Wendy Williams’ contract to 2022, but not her talk show. The Wendy Williams Show how ever is produced and distributed by Debmar-Mercury, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lionsgate Entertainment.

Debmar-Mercury Co-Presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein are “thrilled” about Williams’ decision to renew her contract with them. The producer & distributor of The Wendy Williams Show told Deadline.com:

Wendy has become a major force in daytime talk and we are thrilled to know she will be dishing out her daily dose of hot topics and entertaining conversations on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ for many years to come. The incredibly strong ratings she has built over the past six years are a lasting testament to her abilities and staying power in an incredibly competitive environment.

Looks like the the Wendy Williams Show isn’t going anywhere. The syndicated talk show is set to air through it’s 2016-2017 television season as planned and although the future of the show is not 100% certain, we do know that it pulls in high ratings regularly so it’s most likely in no trouble of cancellation.

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Source: Deadline.com