In addition to the traditional subjects like math, reading and science many elementary school children participate in various electives including art and music class. While some parents may find it hard to keep up with all the material that their child is learning, parents at the John Fiske Elementary School in Chicago were outraged after learning that their children were learning about rapper Chief Keef as part of their music class curriculum.

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A sixth grade music teacher at the elementary school instructed the class to the memorize material on Chief Keef, which they would be tested on. The test included questions like where the rapper was placed on house arrest, at what age did he stop attending school and who shot him when he was 16.

Parents began to question the work their children were receiving. One parent said, “I was questioning what was going on with the school work, because we’re not used to, as parents, seeing our children bring home rap artists and hip-hop artists and gang artists for school work assignments.”

Another parent, Katrina Sanders, was so pissed about the test she posted a video to YouTube to voice her concern and challenge the Chicago Public School System to get a handle on their teachers. She said, “My son has a music teacher that has decided to teach the students about this clown that speaks of death, gangs.”

According to the parents this isn’t the first time that the teacher strayed from the normal curriculum, that would normally include classical composers such as Bach and Beethoven. The students have also taken tests on Chris Brown, Tyga, Fetty Wap and even the illuminati.

The substitute teacher has reportedly already removed from the school, however parents are still demeaning answers as to where the lesson plans originated from. According to Emily Bittner, a spokeswoman for Chicago Public Schools, “This inappropriate project was immediately suspended by the principal as soon as she learned about it,” she continued “While teachers have flexibility in making assignments, CPS requires them to provide age-appropriate material in the classroom.”

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