Wyclef Jean called it “Hendrix & Hovering”, we call it pure talent. In case you forgot he had skills when it came to guitars let us remind you. Check out Wyclef performing at the Pandora office this week via his hoverboard.

It’s good to see Wyclef Jean still wowing crowds with his musical talents. Not too long ago Wyclef was more active in the political side of things in Haiti but it looks like he is back with new music. He stopped by a few places with “new music and new moves he stated” including his get low performance on his hover board.

Wyclef closed out his day at the Pandora office by Rocking out on the guitar like the late Jimmy Hendrix. Jean stated he took a few years to take care of his country and even ran for president, but he has teamed up with a few people and has created a new sound of music. I’m looking forward to hear whats in store for Wyclef Jean.

The Dutchess |Instagram