Are these two getting back together? The Bieber-Gomez gods have spoken ladies and gentlemen and I believe we are making progress. After a breakup that shook the world Justin Bieber is taking action to get his girl Selena Gomez back. Check out this heart melting video of Justin singing My Girl to His Girl for life Selena Gomez.

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The two were spotted late last night in Los Angelas. Justin had no shame showing everyone there he was set on getting his woman back. He broke out into song singing “My Girl” and I’m sure Selena could not resist. The on and off couple since 2009 have grown up right before our eyes.

It could not have been easy maintaining a relationship , two separate lives both in the eye of the media and to endure growing pains of life. Justin Bieber who was rebellious for quite some time seems to have gained some maturity and is more focused on the bigger picture in life. Selena who is still the pure girl next door never showed any signs of being distraught although we all know how breakups go. I wish them the best and hope the time apart only made them stronger.

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