If you remember fight club then you remember Lady Luck! After battling Remy Martin two times anyone who wasn’t familiar with her before got to know her then. Since then she has been focused on music and is now preparing to get back in the ring against another female Rap Battler Official from New Orleans.

After battling Remy Martin, Lady Luck did go on to battle anoither femcee Reece Steele. Just recently Remy Martin opened up about how battling Luck at the time was more risky on her end. At that time not everyone got paid to perform in fact you had to put your own money up to battle. Lady Luck was already signed to Def Jam at the time of her fight club battles.

By 17 Lady luck was already involved in a Def Jam Deal. Today in Chicago Lady Luck will be battling at an event called Crown 2. Her opponent Official, from New orleans has been on the URLtv main stage battling back to back among the male battle rappers. Coming from the all female battle league Queen Of The Ring, Official is known to be just as good as the guy rappers if not better!

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