The NFL is really cracking down on the unsportsmanlike conduct rules and have gone as far as to ban certain dancing/celebration moves. The popular ‘hip-thrust’is one amongst those banned and has been the cause of multiple hefty fines across the league.


Carson Palmer of the Arizona Cardinals is the most recent victim to the NFL’s charges of unsportsmanlike conduct and was fined almost $12,000 after hip thrusting at some friends in the stands.

The move came after a a fourth quarter TD by teammate, Andre Ellington, that gave the Cardinals the final lead against the Seahawks on Thursday night.

Though the rule confirms that the unsportsmanlike conduct is not limited to those acts performed to taunt or tease the opposing team. Any form of unsportsmanlike conduct is held accountable, even if its on the player’s own sideline.

Carson didn’t seemed to bothered by the fine, saying that he was simply excited to see his friends.

“I had my buddies in the sideline, right four or five rows up. I saw them pretty excited and [that] got me excited to see them excited.”

One can’t really be too sure as to why the hip thrust is so frowned upon by the NFL and why it is so popular amongst players, but they should let that one go quickly. Twelve thousand dollars is one dollar too many for dancing.