Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama a fight broke out at Donald Trump’s rally between a black lives matter activist and other crowd members of the rally. SMH! A video posted by CNN, shows a fews trump supporters horribly kicking and shoving a BLM activist on the ground. Warning, this video may anger you!

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The man came into the rally wearing a “Black Lives Matter” logo on his shirt. He was asked to leave the event after chanting “Black Lives Matter,” but he refused. Upon refusal, he was then attacked by at least six attendees. Another attendee was also heard on camera screaming “all lives matter.” The protestors were escorted out by police. Of course Donald Trump responded. He said,

“Yeah, you can get him out. Yeah, get him out. Get him the hell out of here.”

Birmingham Police told sources that there were about three protestors who were asked to leave the rally. They left peacefully and they were not arrested. This is not the first time protestors have interrupted Trump at his rally’s. During one of his rally’s in Richmond, Virginia, a supporter of Trump actually went as far as spitting on a Latino supporter. Another person even threw a punch! These Trump rally’s are pretty physical!

Source: CBSnews