_Wisconsin Man Threatens To Kill President Barack Obama
With there being a slew of attacks within the past few weeks, including the recent Paris attack, President Barack Obama vows to take out ISIS. He went on to say the United States “will not relent” in the fight against the terror group. He says that they will be defeated. Lets hope and pray this can really happen because they are starting to come after the U.S. which could get really ugly.

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Obama spoke at the ASEAN summit in Malaysia. He got a chance to speak with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. He asked him to be apart of bringing down ISIS especially since they allegedly bought down a Russian airliner that killed 224 people.

He says,

“He needs to go after the people who killed Russia’s citizens.”

French President Francois Hollande will meet with President Obama about how they take down the terrorist. Paris is actually on a 3 month watch due to the attack that left hundreds dead. The recent attacks have sparked a lot of controversy as to whether or not we should allow Syrian refugees in the U.S. Obama says,

“Refugees who end up in the United States are the most vetted, scrutinized, thoroughly investigated individuals that ever arrive on American shores.”

According to Fox News,

“The House passed legislation last week that would block Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the U.S. Democrats in large numbers abandoned the president, with 47 voting for the legislation.”

Obama seems to have all the answers on how we will demolish ISIS. Hopefully, everything goes as planned

Source: FoxNews