Russian military at Ukrainian base in Crimea

Russian counter-terrorism agency has reportedly killed 11 militants allied with ISIS in a North Caucasus raid. Hit the jump.

Frankie Zing

A Russian counter-terrorism agency found an ISIS hideout armed with militants and raided it until they ceased 11 of the world’s enemies. The terrorists opened fire first on Russian forces, which ultimately led to a gunfight leaving 11 ISIS members dead.

The National Anti-Terrorist Committee states the militants were all part of a group who have pledged their allegiance to aiding the Islamic State.

Southern Russia’s North Caucasus is mainly Muslim and has been in insurgence with all that’s been going on. The region includes Chechnya and Dagestan, which has of late become a main breeding ground for ISIS propaganda, training, and recruitment.

Russia just like France and now the U.S, have strengthened it’s force against the Islamic State, especially considering ISIS took out an Egyptian passenger plane a couple weeks ago. Russia has intensified it’s air support in Syria in retaliation of the bombing of the plane.

The raid was initiated in Nalchik, the capital of the Kabardino-Balkaria republic, Sunday morning. No Russian forces were reported injured, as the fight against the Islamic state continues. When are they going to realize this is not a war they’re going to win?