Love and Hip Hop star Stevie J will be heading to jail! … Or not! To avoid going to jail Stevie J was ordered to go to rehab.

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According to TMZ Stevie J recently failed a drug test and was ordered to appear in front of a court judge last week for his child support case. Because of his slip up, Stevie J could of possibly had his bail revoked and would of without a doubt been facing jail time.

Thankfully the judge was on Stevie J’s side of the court and instead of sending him to jail, he was ordered to enroll in a outpatient drug treatment program. Stevie is being ordered to report to his treatment program two times a week until next month when he appears in court again. At that time he will have to present proof that he has been following the rules in rehab. If not, he will indeed be heading to jail.

Stevie J and his bae Joseline Hernandez have a reality TV show of their own coming to VH1 soon, so lets hope that Stevie complies with the rules so that he doesn’t mess things up for himself in the future.