Over a 14-year bid as a police officer, Jason Van Dyke has had 18 complaints filed agains him; eight of which were alleged excessive force, two involved the use of a firearm-not including the October 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald. Even with all of these complaints under Van Dyke’s belt, there is nothing that shows he was ever disciplined.

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Following the release of dash-cam footage that shows Jason Van Dyke gunning down 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, Dyke had been charged with first-degree murder, however, it’s now being said that if many of complaints filed on the former officer were acted on, the teen would still be alive.

In one of the many complaints filed, Darren Clemons accuses Van Dyke of fracturing his face after a beating he received while handcuffed. In a lawsuit filed by Clemens, he recalls April of 2014 when he and his son-in-law got into an argument, which led his daughter to call the police. Van Dyke and a partner were the respondents. After the son-in-law asked the officers to remove Clemens, they removed him to the extreme.

The officers hit Clemons in the face and head with a nightstick, causing him to pass out, the lawsuit said. Then they allegedly handcuffed Clemons and kicked him.

Clemons was transported to lock-up, however, he was later moved to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment of facial fractures. Still no one was disciplined.

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#IJS: The justice system needs a major ass whooping. The reason that these officers are getting away with excessive force and killings is because the system allows it. This is why many citizens, especially those in urban communities, do not like or are afraid of police; they abusive their authority. Pitiful system we depend on to protect us.

SOURCE: Chicago Sun-Times