Chris Brown

Chris Brown apparently isn’t happy with his record label, RCA. This comes smack in the middle of the rollout for his eighth studio album Royalty (which goes up for pre-order today and hits stores December 18,) so I’m guessing there are some issues with the way the label is going about it. Breezy has been with RCA for some years now, after he was dropped from Jive amid the Rihanna incident, the label he got his career started with.

A tweet Chris sent out yesterday afternoon read:

“My label is the worst. They are slowing sabotaging my career.”

It was almost immediately deleted, however…but of course the internet caught it before it was. Did he delete it because he was just being emotional and didn’t really mean it? Did he delete it because he realized he wrote slowing instead of slowly? Hmm. Guess we’ll never know!

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