Baby showers in 2020 might be for the dad rather than the mom. According to Dr. Karine Chung, in five to ten years men will be able to give birth! Hit the jump for more.

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Cleveland Clinic has been conducting uterus transplant surgery on women who were born without a womb or whose uterus is diseased or malfunctioning. So the question was ask, if you can add a uterus to a woman, then can you add one to a man? and the answer is yes.

Dr. Karine Chung who is the director of the fertility preservation program at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, believes that through surgery males will be able to give birth in five to ten years.

This surgery will most likely be used for transgenders that are born with male parts, to be able to give birth as a normal woman. Transgender plastic surgeon Dr. Christine McGinn says most transgender will find this as great news.

I’d bet just about every transgender person who is female will want to do it, if it were covered by insurance.

human drive to be a mother for a woman is a very serious thing. Transgender women are no different.

This is great news for transgenders, and maybe even homosexual men who want to be able to give birth. Hopefully my future wife doesn’t even think about me getting this surgery done.

At least baby showers might be more lit now.