Adele is doing numbers that have never been seen before! First week sales are in and the U.K. singer sold an absurd amount of records. The number: 3,354,773! Hit the jump for more.

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Adele dropped ’25’ seven days ago, and the album became the highest first week selling album ever in just four days after the release! Yes, she broke the record with three days to spare. After just four days, Adele sold 2,433,000 breaking NSYNC record, dating back to 2000. Now after a week, the official number is 3,354,773

The lead single ‘Hello’ was also super successful. The single was number one in 28 countries and broke another record. ‘Hello’ became the first single ever to sell one million downloads in a release week.

In other news, Justin Bieber’s Purpose did a cool 169k first week, and Jadakiss new album did 50k.

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