Farrah Franklin Arrested

Uh oh beehive looks like former member, Farrah Franklin of one of the best girl groups of all time is trying to call out Beyonce! She is saying that the queen bee is trying to cover up drama that happened while Destiny’s Child was still together. Read more after the jump to see what she has to say about Beyonce.

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Most of us know that Destiny’s Child’s group switched up a lot. While the group seemed to be pretty peaceful we all seen that they had some inside drama. Former member of the big time girl group, Farrah Franklin is coming forward and telling the real story why she split from the group. In a recent interview she pointed the finger at Mathew Knowles for being the reason why she left the group and has accused Beyonce of covering everything up. Some of us might have heard that Farrah was kicked out of the group for not showing up to video shoots and shows but she is speaking out now to dust those rumors under the rug.

When Franklin left the group in 2000, Beyonce said that the group decided to end their working relationship with her because she skipped several shows. But Franklin has stated something totally different in a recent interview. The real reason why Farrah was replaced with Michelle was because she claims that she was being mistreated by Mathew Knowles.

“It’s not a way you would want somebody treating your 18-year-old daughter, fresh out of the hospital from stomach flu and dehydration.”

Said Franklin. Farrah Franklin has denied being kicked to the the curb by the group because she felt like she was being attacked. She says she never missed any shows and always worked despite doctors orders not to. I honestly think that Franklin is just trying to get some attention. It’s 2015 she left the group in 2000. Why is she coming forward with this information now? Girl bye! What do you guys think?

Source: Vlad TV