Far too often this year we have had to report the tragic deaths of young people at the hands of the police. The most recent event took place Wednesday (December 2) in San Francisco, where a 19 year-old man was fatally shot on the sidewalk after police asked him to drop a weapon.

Many rappers have been very vocal about their feelings on the issue, as the number of police shootings rises rapidly. Chief Keef, however remained silent on the issue until this most recent shooting sent him over the edge. Thursday, Chief Keef went into a blown Twitter rant, calling for the killing of all law enforcement and challenging President Obama to do more about these problems.

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“We need to kill all Law Enforcement!” Chief Keef posted on Twitter adding, “Y’all down? Fuck it! Time to make the world end.” He quickly deleted the tweet, however went on questioning the police decision to kill him right there on the sidewalk.

Keef then wrote to President Obama, looking for answers. He said,

“Aye @BarackObama Man What U Gonna Do About This Man? For real I don’t like it I didn’t say anything about anything else but this isn’t right.”

Although I don’t believe mass killing of all law enforcement is the answer, Chief Keef has a point and isn’t alone in his quest for answers.

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