As Kobe Bryant’s career winds down in front of our eyes we are likely going to be seeing interviews with him much more than we already have. Everyone wants a piece of the Black Mamba and he appears willing to let people in much more. During an interview with Ernie Johnson last night for Inside The NBA, Kobe spoke on his toughest matchup as an offensive player, what Michael Jordan & Allen Iverson did for the game and more.


No surprise that Kobe claims out of all the people who have tried to guard him, Tony Allen gave him the most problems. We have heard that before from numerous players around the league. Kobe has said in the past that as far as playing defense, guarding Carmelo & Kevin Durant were the hardest things for him to do. He also speaks on Allen Iverson being the toughest competitor of his generation and before that it was Michael Jordan.

He also touches on a few other subjects but I will let you guys hear it from him.