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After video of a patrolman’s fatal shooting footage of Laquan McDonald was released he U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly opening an investigation into the Chicago Police Department over the shooting of Laquan McDonald. There have been several accusations of a cover up. According to the Chicago Tribune a law enforcement official familiar with the coming investigation said the inquiry likely will be announced “in the next week” and is expected to focus on officers use of deadly force including the system of oversight of police shootings as well as training and community engagement. Read more after the jump!

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There have been numerous calls for a Justice Department investigation in the case of Laquan McDonald, since video footage shows Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting McDonald 16 times as McDonald carrying a small knife walked away from officers on a commercial strip on South Pulaski Road in October 2014. The investigation that will take place is going to examine the patterns and practices used by the Chicago Police Department and determine whether they contribute any civil rights violations. The invstigation is expected to focus on the officers use of deadly force.

The investigation will examine the “patterns and practices” of the department to determine whether they contribute to any civil rights violations. According to the Chicago Tribune, it is “expected to focus on officers use of deadly force, including the system of oversight of police shootings.

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Source: Chicago Tribune