Kid Cudi released a new album called ‘Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven’ earlier this week, and the album received negative reviews from rap fans and critics all over the internet. However, this makes sense now, because according to Cudi the new album isn’t a hip-hop project. Hit the jump for more.

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The former G.O.O.D. Music artist has been having a bad couple of weeks. Earlier this week Lupe Fiasco took shots at the Clevland rapper, and then said the beef is over, all in the same show! Then Cudi had to cancelled his tour due to production issues. Now his album is projected to only due 17k, and many fans are calling the new project straight trash.

Cudi then took to Twitter to let those fans know that if they’re a fan of rap, the album wasn’t meant for them. He tweeted, “To some of you Im sorry but im not these niggas on the radio u love so much.”

I must disagree with Kid Cudi on this one. Most of his fans are people that don’t listen to typical radio songs. Most of his fans are progressive music fans and enjoy alternative. This album is just really bad. Kid Cudi, you need to cut your loses and move on. Try to recapture the feeling you gave us with Man on The Moon 1 & 2, Kid Name Cudi, or even Indicud. Just don’t blame your fans for not liking your new music, blame yourself.

Hit the gallery to see his mini-rant on twitter.