Rick Ross dropped his new album ‘Black Market’ on Friday, and it has been receiving positive reviews. During his press run for the album, Ross said in a recent interview that him and Kanye have tracks in the vault. However, he doesn’t know if it’s going to make Kanye’s upcoming album. Hit the jump for more.

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During an interview with Rolling Stones, Rozay revealed his favorite guest appearance.

My favorite, I would say, would be ‘Devil in a New Dress,’ a guess spot I did on Kanye’s [My Beautiful Dark] Twisted Fantasy LP.

Ross then expains how him and Kanye have new music, but doesn’t know if any of it will land on Kanye’s upcoming project SWISH.

You never know what Kanye uses for his album until he makes that roll-out. But, me and Kanye have music in the vault. Where it lands? We’ll see.

When Rick Ross and Kanye team up, it usually results into great music. Hopefully doesn’t keep it in the vault for too long.