A father from Houston, Texas creates doll line for little girls of color. The idea was apparently promoted when his daughter came home in tears because she went to all these stores and she couldn’t find dolls that really represented her. So he said the whole experience inspired him to create a line of ethnic-looking doll babies for his girls and yours.

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Believe us when we say we know the struggles of the holiday season, trying to shop for gifts and make everyone happy seems almost impossible. On the bright side though we at least discovered something to make the shopping just a little bit easier. Drop the barbies of the shopping list, look into a gift more suited for the little girls in your family this holiday season. Trent Daniels, an African American businessman from Houston, Texas came up with the idea to create more dolls that were both a mix of Barbie but more ethnic-looking. He noticed the stores had hundreds of different white dolls; but when it came to ethnic dolls, they were scattered everywhere, barely being found and the quality was poor! He created “The One World Doll Project” line – an assemblage of high quality dolls of diverse ethnic persuasions such as African-American, African native, Asian (and south Asian), and Hispanic. And to further demonstrate the differences within the races, he made sure his dolls reflected real-life variations. “My daughters all have different skin tones,” Daniels said. His dolls have different skin tones as well, as well as slight differences in the head molds. Daniels “One World Doll Project” dolls are currently on sale at 200 HEB stores and 3,000 Walmart stores. The company recently announced that Amazon.com placed a first order of their “The Pretty Girls” dolls as well.
And in 2016, they will sell at Target and Toys R Us.

Source: Black America Web