Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been staying low-key and out of trouble, which is very unlike the 21-year-old Pop star sensation. However, this one particular groupie could have messed it all up for him.

JB and a bunch of girls were partying it up at the Rosewood Hotel in London when one of the chicks decided to get crazy and lose her marbles in the lobby of the hotel.

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She thought her friend was missing and began yelling, “Where’s my friend? I’ll call the police!” 5-0 arrived shortly after to determine that the woman was in good health and that nothing was wrong with her. It is unclear whether or not the cops even went to Justin’s room but from what sources are revealing, the cops left once they realized the girl was just a little bit out of it.

So far, JB’s camp has not made a statement in regards to the issue.

Source: TMZ