December 6 marked the tenth anniversary of his debut album Rappa Ternt Sanga, so T-Pain sat down with Billboard to reflect on the journey since then. During the chat, Pain was asked how the sound he used on the album – which certainly was ground-breaking at the time – will remain relevant.

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His response?

“I would say as recent as 808s & Heartbreak, which was a direct copy of Rappa Ternt Sanga. I’m not just being a d-ck saying that sh*t sounds a lot like mine. Like literally [Kanye] told me that he listened to Rappa Ternt Sanga and he made 808s & Heartbreak. He even brought me in to make it sound more like Rappa Ternt Sanga. [Laughs.] Something that I did that was directly copied got so many awards — that’s evidence right there. Rappa Ternt Sanga is still relevant because the sound is still prevalent in the whole industry. It’s never gonna stop.”

I mean, if Ye said it himself, can we really hate on Pain for the statement? Plus, there’s definitely some truth there. However, he doesn’t feel it’s only Ye:

“None of this wouldn’t be happening without Rappa Ternt Sanga or me as a whole entity, period. None of this whole sound of music and it’s not even just rap and R&B — it’s going into pop and techno and dubstep and everything. It’s all kinda came from me. I’m seeing cartoons using Auto-Tune. The crazy thing was if this didn’t come from me, then it would’ve been used a lot more before me. I’ve heard Cher use it, Jennifer Lopez use it then after I did it, the whole world came [onboard]. It’s like all these things happened until I did it.”

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Source: Billboard