Many were rooting for the relationship of Bow Wow and Erica Mena to last (while others were sure it was a publicity stunt). However, despite engagement photos and certain reality television sacrifices, the two were unable to make it to the alter.

According to Mena, her now ex is not only an abuser, but he’s also not interested in her kind; women. The former LHHNY star now wants to make things totally clear. She dumped him. He did not dump her.

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“Listen, I walked away silently. He’s an abuser,” Mena wrote in a lengthy message to her fans. “Be careful ladies!! These gay boys are secretly sleeping with your man. I mean Why else would he HIRE him,” she tweeted out. “Assumptions are dangerous. But y’all clearly be knowing.”

During a break-up, like always, there has to be one that wants to make it seem as though they weren’t played. Mena is here to say the separation was her doing.

When you are the one who calls it off, walk out leaving everything & the ring it’s called out by the media as getting dumped. ?? Yeah OOKAYY

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#IJS: We believe you. Lol.

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