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CC Sabathia says he feels like a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders after completing a stint in rehab for alcoholism and adds, “I feel fantastic.” 

The NY Yankees pitcher was at the Yankees holiday food drive Wednesday when he raved about how well his recovery is going after spending a month receiving treatment in Connecticut.  

“It’s always going to be a struggle with different things, but I feel fantastic,” Sabathia told reporters.  “I think it’s just a weight coming off my shoulders. I feel good. I’m in a good mood, always.”

Sabathia first entered treatment back in October, one day before the team took on the Houston Astros for the wild card spot in the playoffs and lost.

Still, CC says the Yankees have been incredibly supportive, “The Yankees have been fantastic, from Cashman to the Steinbrenners to Joe to my teammates.” 

As for the future, CC says, “I feel pretty good about where I’m at and look forward to just getting back out on the field and being myself.”

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