If you feel like I did this Christmas season, than you feel like it’s not Christmas at all. Let me say, I hate the snow, but it’s unusual for the east coast to get a dose of spring weather in the winter; and it’s not just spring weather, but record-breaking spring weather. Let’s keep in mind, Christmas Eve!

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Weather.com says, “At least 90 of the 236 weather-observing sites in the Lower 48 states will be within three degrees of a daily record high for December 24.” According to those facts, about 25 states will see some unusually warm Christmas Eves and Christmases since … a long time ago.

Amongst the cities that will be in the lower 60s and upper 70s are, New York City, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Orlando; some cities will catch the record before midnight this evening.

According to Gizmodo, “New York City’s Christmas Eve may be warmer than its 4th of July.”

On July 4, 2015, New York City recorded a high of 75 degrees. The forecasted high for Christmas Eve is 72 or 73… it’s a bit of a stretch, but not completely unlikely. It’s like Christmas in July, but July in Christmas.

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Unfortunately, some cities are looking at tornado weather; Ohio for example. We hope they enjoy their holidays despite mother nature’s switch-up.

#IJS: I’m here for the 70-degree temperature.