IFWT_Jerry Sandusky

Pennsylvania’s state government pension system will send Jerry Sandusky a $211,000 check next week to cover payments going back to when it illegally stopped his retirement benefits after the former Penn State assistant football coach was sentenced for child molestation, according to a letter obtained Wednesday by the Associated Press.

The State Employees’ Retirement System told Sandusky lawyer Richard Beran last week that it will mail the check Monday and that Sandusky’s $4,900 monthly benefits will resume in January.

A court ruled on Nov. 13 that the pension system was wrong to classify Sandusky as a university employee at the time of the sexual abuse crimes that were the basis of his pension forfeiture. It ordered the retroactive payments, along with 6 percent interest, and the pension system did not appeal.

Sandusky, 71, is serving a lengthy prison term after being convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys. He maintains his innocence and is appealing.

NY Post