Two of Deion Sanders sons are claiming he threw them out of his house on Christmas day after they showed up to see him. Both Shilo & Shedeur Sanders said their father threw them out after discovering they had both gotten their ears pierced but according to the brothers it was more than that.


Shedeur posted to Instagram first and then his brother Shilo reposted the same message. In it they explained what happened when they showed up to their dad’s house.

They claim Deion was mad they got their ears pierced while they were with their mom, Pilar, Deion’s ex-wife. They claim Deion said he only wanted to spend Christmas with his son and daughter, meaning his other son Bucky and daughter Deiondra. They also said everyone else in the family has piercing’s so the fact they got theirs done wasn’t the real problem.

They also said their dad didn’t get them anything for Christmas cause he is more worried about taking care of people who aren’t really family. Sheesh!

There is probably another side to this as well. At first glance it sounds like Deion is taking out his anger towards his ex-wife on their kids. Hopefully that really isn’t the case. Check the gallery to see the full messages from the brothers.