Rapper Kreayshawn has been going through a lot of money troubles lately. She recently admitted that the IRS took all her money from her. Well apparently her fans felt as though they will do whatever it takes to get her career up and running again. One fan went as far as setting up a GoFundMe account without Kreayshawn’s consent. She wasn’t feeling this move too tough.

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The bio which the fan wrote to tell people why they created the page said,

“It’s Christmas and Kreayshawn needs our help. Some where along the lines of her career she didn’t give the IRS some money and they came…..they came with a vengeance. Let’s help this girl get her Xmas spirit back. She dropped “Somethin’ About Kreay” and let’s just say it went double mahogany in terms of sales. The world needs this. If you believe in Xmas miracles this would be one all unto itself. White Girl Mob needs this. Natassia Gail Zolot has blessed the world with such acoustically pleasing masterpieces as “Breakfast” and who can forget “Go Hard”? And why isn’t there a tract in the New King James Version of the Bible for “Gucci Gucci”? I need answers. Let’s band together and help her get her ones right. Also tune into “Lost In Thot” on Dash Radio she host something on there possibly corny but everyone deserves a chance.”

Kreayshawn saw someone promoting the page via instagram and was not too happy. She commented begging for them to take it down. She said,

“Please delete this you can’t just make this. Look I appreciate the gesture but I don’t wanna beg for people’s help. I’m a grown women I’m handles this situation. Thank you though. But please take it down before the blogs destroy me and make me feel horrible all over again.”

I guess the “Gucci,Gucci” rapper feels like she has it all under control. Looks like Kreayshawn needs to find a new accountant to help her when it comes to her financial situations.

Source: Hiphopdx