IFWT_ Tamir Rice Autopsy
We all were pretty heated at the verdict of the Tamir Rice case where the officer that shot and killed Tamir Rice was found not guilty. A lot of celebrities took to social media to express their feelings towards the verdict. Gabrielle Union was one of them.

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Tamir Rice was gunned down by police after playing with a replica gun. The court found this to be reasonable cause for police to shot and kill this innocent young boy. Actor Gabrielle Union added her thoughts to a Twitter rage after the verdict came out. She compared her rape at 19-years-old to the case. She said people were asking her what she had on that made her accessible to rape. A lot of people blamed the child for the shooting stating he should have never been playing with the toy in the first place.
Gabrielle Union was raped while working at a Payless Shoe Store. She sent out a tweet regarding victim shaming stating,

“As a victim/survivor of violence I can tell u tht it can easily happen 2 any1,’ she tweeted. ‘I was at work when I was raped. Ppl still asked what i had on.”

One of the reasons the shooting was known to be “acceptable” was that the boy was “big for his age.” Union tweeted,

“Thinking about all the kids who are “big for their age” & all of the evil excuses that will be used to defend their murders #TamirRice.”

There was so many fingers being pointed. Some people blamed the parents for allowing their child to play with the gun. At the end of the day, this young boy was taken away from his family and sadly the court system keeps justifying these cases. Lets continue to pray for change.

Source: DailyMail