Future took to Twitter to call Ciara a “controlling b**ch” for not allowing him to see his son, Future Jr. According to sources, what really blew his cap was failed Christmas plans.

JaaiR (JR): Twitter | Instagram | Periscope

Future Hendrix had planned a Christmas dinner, which his other children attended, but it was bittersweet with baby Future missing. Apparently, Ciara agreed to have their son there, but never showed, didn’t call, etc.

Why it took Future Hendrix to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day before going ape s**t on his latest baby’s mother, we will never know; but he did.

While Ciara has remained silent (because she is too busy showing face to the ill with Russell Wilson), a source close to her tells People that Future is full of dog do-do. The source says CiCi has never not allowed Future to see his son, and he definitely has never paid $15,000 in child support.

“Ciara has said that Future uses the situation to promote his music by staying in the press using her name,” says the source.

“He does not nor has he ever paid $15,000 in child support. It’s just not true,” says the source. “Ciara has never prevented him from seeing his child.”

I just hope for Future Jr., and those chunky cheeks’ sake, that the parents can put their ill feelings aside. Let’s not be catty, people.

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