Artists from all different genres paid their respects to music legend David Bowie, after news broke that he had died. The 69-year lost his battle to cancer on January 10th, 2016 and since then there has been an abundance condolences and remembrances sent out on social media. One of those wishing to pay respects to the rock-legend was K. Michelle.

In a heartfelt Instagram post K.Michelle wrote, “R.I.P David Bowie. Wow. Such an innovator. You will be missed, most importantly your legacy remembered.” She later added another post and continued to remember Bowie saying,

“Really inspired me in so many ways. My heart aches! Artist everywhere should pay the utmost respect. The creativity alone was enough to make you wanna be better in your craft. #rip #Davidbowie

Not surprisingly, her sentiment was question by and IG troll and K. Michelle did not take it lightly. Hit the jump for more.

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K. Michelle quickly clapped back at the troll saying;

@goddessgivinglife: “shut up, b*tch. today ain’t the day. And pay respect to this man. You page say you are Pan-African. You look Pan fried you fat ass pork chop”


Click the gallery for the full exchange.