Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans

The future of Texans four-time Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster remains unresolved with his status with the team uncertain due to his recent injury history and a hefty salary-cap figure.

Foster is coming off an injury-plagued season where he first underwent groin surgery and then tore his Achilles tendon, and his $8.925 million salary-cap figure.

The Texans could attempt to restructure the deal to lower his salary-cap figure, or they could move on and release Foster prior to the start of free agency in March. Foster turns 30 in August, an age when many NFL running backs begin to decline. Multiple sources not authorized to speak publicly expect the Texans to ultimately release Arian Foster and for him to sign with another NFL team.

When Foster was dealing with a groin injury last summer, owner Bob McNair said he wasn’t surprised because “it seems like every year [Foster’s] had a soft tissue injury.” That would seem to be more fuel for the release fire, but McNair said this week that it is too soon to make a call in any direction.

“Well, we’ll have to see how healthy he is,” McNair said. “But until we know that, there’s really not much you can think about.”

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source: Houston Chronicle