The owner of the newly minted Los Angeles Rams received a parting gift from a long time St. Louis Rams fan and it was not the type of gift you would want to receive. A woman sent owner Stan Kroenke $250 worth of sh*t and yes, I literally mean Sh*t!


Kelly Manno, a long time St. Louis fan going back to when the team moved there after the 1994 season, decided she was going to do something to show her displeasure to Kroenke. She talked about it on her podcast and apparently it became a thing.

Her next move was to order $250 worth of sh*t from a company called “I Poop You” which is a company that exists only to send feces to people ( ummmm Ok, I guess). A rep from the company said the $250 order was the biggest ever!

Unfortunately it’s doubtful Kroenke ever saw the package himself but I think he knows everyone in St. Louis looks at him as a big piece of Sh*t now.

Check the gallery for the “order”