IFWT_Cop slams girl

A family in Texas wants answers after their 15-year-old was slammed to the ground by a Sherman police officer as he attempted to break up a fight. The mother of the teen wants to know exactly why the officer felt the need to use excessive force on her daughter who was later hospitalized and diagnosed with a concussion. She says she wants him removed from the force.

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Nae Bella | Twitter

School fights just are not the place for police officers, that’s what security guards are for. If legal action needs to be taken against a certain student, this should be handled in the main office after the fight is broken up. Lately police officers have been displaying a false sense of superiority that causes them to respond more aggressively than necessary, and ultimately making situations worse.

What do you think of this school fight? What is that bad that a cop needed to get involved? Could this have been handled differently? Let us know in the comments!