A few days ago, Lisa Raye did a interview on Big Tigga’s V-103. While there, she was promoting her new movie “Skinned.” Raye is the director of the film which will be about skin bleaching through different harmful chemical products.

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At the beginning of the interview, Raye informed listens about a product called “Whitenicious.” The product belongs to Nigerian-Cambodian pop star Denecia. Many people have been talking about this product because they feel like its harmful and cancerous to people’s skin. People think its another skin bleaching technique. Raye said,

“This product thats on the market now called whitealicious and they use this cream like lotion all over their body to bleach their skin to become lighter. Now what happens though their knuckles, their elbows stay the original color. Now you’re looking at them like ‘what did you do?’ We thought that this message was not only just educational but way to get get the message out in an entertaining way by doing it in a film.”

Denecia was not beat for the comments Lisa Raye made. She went on Twitter and went off. She even throated to sue Lisa Raye. A source close to Denecia said that she is starting the legal process soon. The source released a statement saying,

“Lisa Raye made comments about her skin whitening products causing cancer during an interview promoting her movie. The pop singer who apparently made $20 million last year from the company wasted no time by hiring a top Hollywood lawyer to sue Lisa Raye. I don’t have the full statement but I do know that they wanted a retraction but she changed her mind and will be filing a lawsuit. She has already met with lawyers this week and yes Lisa Raye might need to put out some real coins or get a bigger lawyer.”

Upon using the project, Denecia’s skin has become lighter which has caused a lot of people to feel like she is sending the wrong message to people because its supposedly just for darkspots. If a dark spot corrector makes my whole body white, I do not want that.

Source: TheShadeRoom