Around this time in 2015, viewers and attendees were celebrating the Oscars. One of the very few Black elegant women to grace the silver screen had won one of the gold trophies that little girls (and guys) dream about. Lupita Nyong’o was thanking The Academy for recognizing her hard work, while this year she is “disappointed” in The Academy for their continuous minimal choices of diversity.

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“Thank you to the Academy for this incredible recognition. It doesn’t escape me for one moment that so much joy in my life is thanks to so much pain in someone else’s,” Lupita began her speech in 2015.

This year, her feelings for “the lack on inclusion in this year’s Academy Awards nominations” have changed drastically.

“It has me thinking about unconscious prejudice and what merits prestige in our culture. The Awards should not dictate the terms of art in our modern society, but rather be a diverse reflection of the best of what our art has to offer today. I stand with my peers who are calling for change in expanding the stories that are told and recognition of the people who tell them.”
– Lupita Nyong’o

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