IFWT_Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers

Incase you missed it, last week on Fox aired the first episode of Hot97’s ‘Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers.’ The debut episode tackled the major issue of the use of the ‘N-Word’ in Hip Hop. This week Lisa Evers is back and in her quest to get to the bottom of major issues that effect not only the Hip-Hop community but all communities, she’s breaking down racial stereotypes.

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This week’s episode of ‘Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers’ titled, ‘Racial Sterotypes’ Lisa is joined by Moe a.k.a “Rafe” from “Money and Violence,” Hot97’s DJ Drewski, Tamika Mallory from Justice League, and Nitty Scott with special guest appearances by Fetty Wap, Rotimi and Raekwon. In this episode the group talks about the myths and realities about racial stereotypes. Check it out below.

If you missed episode one, you can check it out here.